Benefits of Zero Energy Building

The development of zero-energy buildings turned out to be possible not just through the improvement made in construction and energy techniques and technologies, but it also has been improved significantly through academic research, which gathers accurate energy performance figures on conventional and experimental building structures and offers performance restrictions for complex computer models in predicting the efficiency of the engineering plans.

Saving the Planet

By reducing the dependence of the entire world on non-renewable fossil fuels, which include coal-fired electricity, it is very much possible to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases causing the global warming.

Buildings have big impact on the environment, particularly regarding carbon emissions and energy consumption. Surveys and researches report that in the United States, 48 percent of total energy consumption of buildings is the big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Averagely, a household can release about 10 metric tons of carbon dioxide in a year from fossil fuel and electricity use. Since a zero energy building has zero net use of energy, it does not release carbon emissions. This is the ultimate benefit for all mankind, to have a planet to live at for a very long time.

Say Goodbye to Energy Bills

One of the woes of building owners is how to pay the monthly consumption bills. This is true to both commercial and residential building owners. With a building successfully planned and constructed to be Net Zero, energy bills will be non-existence. A zero energy building id effectively designed and built with several features for energy efficiency such as, triple pane window and thicker walls. These features are responsible for creating as much amount of energy from renewable resources – like the solar panels – that it can produce all the electricity it requires.

A zero energy building takes advantage of the power given by natural resources like the sun and the wind. This means there is no need to depend on the grid when it comes to powering up the building and the appliances. In most cases, energy efficient buildings become energy bill-free eventually.

Affordable Homes

If you want a home that is environment-friendly and affordable at the same time, a zero energy home is what you should go for. Though it is a fact that the energy saving features may cost a lot (about 5 to 10 percent more) – which may contribute to a bigger budget in building a zero energy home than a conventional home – perfect planning and smart construction will ensure the affordability of the zero energy homes.

The affordability of a zero energy home will be very evident once it is lived in. This is when the savings from the energy efficient features will be of great use. It will be definitely more affordable to live and work in a building that is not consuming power from the grid.

More Comfortable and Healthier Buildings

People working and living in zero energy buildings can attest to the fact that they are more comfortable. Production is increased and harmony is an everyday luxury. An airtight building can provide the healthiest benefits because:
It provides better air quality indoors through ventilation systems that filter and clean the air. This results in reduced allergens and pollutant, while heat is retained inside the building.

It prevents build up of moisture that result in common mold issues causing major health problems.
It creates a highly comfortable home and work environment with few or zero drafts, minimal dust, plus quiet and reliable cooling or heating.

It creates a peaceful environment because of the thick walls that keep the outdoor noise out.
It has no harmful fumes from propane or natural gas appliances.

Wise Investment

For a standard home or building owner, one of the most common desire is to own a good property investment. A zero energy home or building is said to be the smarter investment for many reasons:

  • A zero energy building’s energy cost remains zero and this is the reason why the value of the property increases.
  • Reports say that foreclosure rate for energy efficient buildings are lower.

More people are now on the lookout for energy efficient homes and they are even willing to pay more.
Zero energy buildings are rot-free buildings due to the double walling. This is another reason why value is increased making a zero energy home a really good investment.

Ideal for Different Types and Sizes of Buildings

Zero energy can work for different sizes and types of buildings. Reports show that offices, universities and K-12 schools are now among the many zero energy buildings in the US. Even low-rising apartments and laboratories are now being constructed to be zero energy buildings. The sizes can go from 50 thousand to 100 thousand square feet.

From Zero Energy Buildings to Zero Energy Communities

Aside from individual buildings, a new trend is coming out and that is of zero net communities. This is indeed a great initiative as a community that is zero net energy can definitely offer a better and healthier living option to people. Who wouldn’t want to walk around a community that is surrounded by great houses and buildings that do not emit carbon dioxide? Wouldn’t it be better to breathe in fresh air day in and day out?
How will the concept of zero energy building translate to zero energy communities? Reaching zero energy from individual building to community level indicates the need to maximize the energy efficiency of every building and structure in the community – these buildings include the existing ones – and to meet the remaining required energy with use of renewable energy.

Providing renewable energy element can be an easier task at community level since sites are characteristically on hand to accommodate high-efficiency and larger-scale solar photovoltaic installations. Further than that, zero energy in the communities can be easily managed eventually.

By balancing options for renewable energy and the energy efficiency cost-effectiveness, communities will be able to discover a minimum-cost path to zero energy. There are different financial mechanisms that are existing today to help in the payment for incremental cost. Bigger asset values, improved comfort, energy independence, lower energy and maintenance costs and the probability for costs for lower life-cycle are among the many reasons why there are many communities that are considering going zero energy.

Zero Net Energy in Existing Buildings

According to reports, about a quarter to the verified zero energy buildings reported has been renovated existing buildings. This only means that it is possible to make old building, not just energy efficient, but also zero net energy.

This concept is ideal for communities aiming to go net zero. Instead of planning and constructing new buildings, existing buildings should be checked and valuated for their potentials in being turned net zero. The fact that many building are now energy efficient is a big bonus because there will be no need to design new power sources. The existing solar panels can be simply improved to ensure the best results.

The first step in turning existing buildings into zero energy buildings in the community level is to find the maximum energy efficiency of the existing buildings. This means to make a detailed analysis of each building and to audit the possible energy savings. The analysis should then be aggregated at community level. Measures for the energy efficiency need to be planned with the use of integrative design standards, analyzing not only the efficiency benefits from every individual measure, but also evaluating the interactions between the building systems and any qualifications for implementing each energy saving source.

Though the idea of zero energy building is still quite uncommon in some countries – even some developed nations – it is being discussed and the benefits being considered. In fact, the popularity and importance of zero energy buildings are booming worldwide. Some countries may not yet able to produce these buildings, but they are interested and looking forward to planning and construction in the future. If the concept of zero energy can reach every nation of the world, this planet is going to be a better and healthier place for everyone.

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