Conceptual. – Building plans are important in order to effectively document the construction objective. Discussions on a building project begins when the client decides on the design and then the contractor, designers and the material suppliers can start making their plans.

There are phase design processes that have to be performed before the actual construction can commence. Usually, the preliminary phase is the starting point and then the conceptual design phase follows. The design processes are essential so that the client can explore the options, flexibility in making modifications and learn more about the investment.

Basically, a conceptual design is a scalable drawing that elucidates the project’s fundamental parameters. This design usually lacks technical notes, details and dimensions because it is simply done and presented so that the client can review a design and do modifications according to the requirements. Just like the preliminary design, conceptual design is intended for the establishment of the project’s starting point.
Conceptual design’s main objective is to determine the project’s feasibility. This is where the expectations are documented in an analytical approach that allows the parties involved to do the initial design and planning processes.

At CesarArizmendi, we do conceptual design so that we can prepare to give our client a rough estimate of the construction project. It is also essential that a conceptual design be presented so that the client will have something to show the lending company and for the surveyors to create and present initial site plans.

And because we, at CesarArizmendi are very much into incorporating sustainable design into our projects, we can assure every client that we provide conceptual design that can be used for any Green project. We value our clients’ opinion that is why we also make sure that every phase of the designing processed is discussed by all parties involved.