The energy that is derived from naturally replenished resources are on as renewable energy. The most common natural energy resources are sunlight rain, geothermal heat, wind, waves and tides. Use of renewable energy allows for effective replacement of conventional fuel use in four specific areas: generation of electricity, space heating/hot water production, off-grid (rural) energy services, and motor fuels.

Renewable technologies are not concentrated on large scale projects. Many rural communities and individual homes are now utilizing renewable energy in the public’s attempt to help save the environment from complete destruction due to use of un-replenishable resources like fossil fuel. Energy is very crucial to humanity and more and more poor nations have realized that one way to prosper is to utilize the power of the natural resources.


The sun is the most common resource for today’s renewable energy is derived directly. Sunlight produces solar energy that has different uses. Solar power can directly be used to provide heat and lighting for homes and buildings.

Solar panels are installed on residential, commercial and industrial buildings for electricity generation.

The idea behind passive solar design is quite simple; the sun’s energy is used for cooling or heating living and working spaces. A building or some of its elements are given the capacity to take advantage of the natural energy features in the air and materials generated by exposure to sunlight. The common elements in passive solar design include; thermal mass, thermal chimneys and operable windows.

Passive solar design is currently being practiced all over the world and it has been proven to produce structures with lower energy costs, superior comfort and reduced maintenance. The most effective passive solar designs are those based on particular understanding of the building site’s terrain, wind pattern, solar exposure, vegetation and other factors that commonly require expert architectural services.


Solar water heating is also commonly known as solar thermal energy and it is by far solar technology’s simplest form. This renewable energy process includes heating water for home use as in cooking cleaning and bathing, as well as for heating water for the swimming pool. Using solar water heating is utilizing the power of the sun to provide affordable heat that allows for more energy savings and comfortable means of bringing hot water for everyone and almost anywhere.