Feasibility study is required in any project and it is the objective of CesarArizmendi.com to make sure that each project we are going to pursue will undergo thorough planning and discussion. It is standard procedure to study every aspect of a project so as to ensure that sustainable design is effectively achieved. In order to be able to unlock a project’s potential it is vital to understand what has to be worked with and the potentials. A detailed process of discovery and discussion will help in uncovering and exploring the information needed to completely understand the possibilities available for a building site.

With CesarArizmendi.com, each feasibility study is expertly tailored to every client’s specific requirements and usually includes the solutions and the answers to the important questions like the following:

  • Is the condition of the site favorable to building?
  • How zoning and building codes affect what and where one can build?
  • Are there any building setback like height restrictions and lot coverage?
  • Is the budget right for the scope of the building project?
  • Is it possible to install solar panels and other sustainable systems?
  • What utilities on the site are readily available and what needs development

Feasibility study is important because it manipulates the company to really consider its strength, weakness, resources and abilities providing the insight into its potential and limitations. With a feasibility study, it can be easily assessed if the construction company has the capacity to take on the project.

At CesarArizmendi.com we are very much aware that there is a great need to outline the many factors of construction like materials, time and labor required to complete a project. With effectively and comprehensively outlined requirements, we will be able to know for sure if we have the ability to meet those needs.