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Solutions for Heat Island Effects

The heat island effect is a phenomenon that results in a dome of gathered heat over a certain location. In most cases, this phenomenon only occurs in urban and industrial areas. This effect is very evident because the heat temperature in that affected locations is significantly higher than that of the surrounding rural areas. It […]

Benefits of Zero Energy Building

The development of zero-energy buildings turned out to be possible not just through the improvement made in construction and energy techniques and technologies, but it also has been improved significantly through academic research, which gathers accurate energy performance figures on conventional and experimental building structures and offers performance restrictions for complex computer models in predicting […]

Passive Solar by Design

Passive Solar by Design Book Passive solar strategy is a fascinating design principle and a helpful tool that helps us to understand the benefits in design for any type of structure but especially for buildings. Have you ever noticed that some structures get too hot during hot days and get too cold during cold days? […]